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kamala harris isn’t here for the deviation tactics

September 10, 2018
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Last week, during the slow-motion car-crash that is Brett Kavanaugh’s hasty Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Kamala Harris engaged in an exchange with the nominee that will be Exhibit A in the next wave of “Why didn’t we listen to Black women?” missives, should Kavanaugh be confirmed. The California Senator provided clear and measured questioning that Kavanaugh practically stumbled over in order to avoid answering a few pressing questions — such as whether he spoke about Robert Mueller’s investigation to anyone within the law firm founded by Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz.

Harris was not here for the theatrics imbued in Kavanaugh’s usage of a pocket constitution — the same one he didn’t have the mind to pull out when Senator Harris asked the burning question “Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?” The nominee’s customary stammering followed, before Harris’s pointed questioning dribbled an actual answer out of him – “I’m not aware…I’m not…thinking of any right now, senator.” Roe v Wade is definitely in trouble.

Kamala Harris is the gatekeeper we desperately need at this moment. Her ability to navigate Kavanaugh’s Trumpian deviation tactics with the cool demeanor of a Black woman who’s already caught you in a lie is worthy of applause. Civility is not the hill on which we will sacrifice our inalienable rights, yet Harris served it in spades while also allowing Kavanaugh to expose himself as the bumbling prop he really is.

Perhaps the fight isn’t over after all.



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