Haha No One Can Hear You

R&B | Soul

Warner Bros. Records


you’ll be dancing like it’s a throwback to gallant’s soulful r&b jam

August 31, 2018

Tell me you don’t wonder what your feet look like on private beaches…

We do.

Especially when taking in the soulful R&B sound of Grammy-nominated crooner Gallant’s latest single ‘Haha No One Can Hear You’. If it’s not the throwback beat with soulful melodies, it’s the irresistible lyrics, transporting us to worlds outside the club, bar, car, etc… The R&B singer brings a balance of introspection and critique to the world he is creating for while creating the kind of music that made us fall in love with it. Pure talent!

As his next release “This Does Not Fit” inches closer to its release, Gallant’s released music teases an actualized body of work that will offer fans a listening experience that will feel like the man has been in the game for decades. He may think he “does not fit” in the world that urban music necessitates but if he keeps up this momentum, space will be made for him.

Check him out.