white nonsense: 6-year-old black boy kicked out of school for having locs

August 17, 2018
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When a white person or non-Black person of color finds the audacity to ask why braids and dreaded hair aren’t meant for them, direct them to this video. Clinton Stanley Sr. was trying to enroll his 6-year-old son in a private Christian school near Apopka, Florida, when the school told the father that his son could not enroll because of his dreadlocks.
A Books Christian Academy’s administrator maintains that their short-hair policy has been long-standing and has not kept other black boys out of the school but that simply means that the culture of hair in schools does not consider dreadlocks – a notorious style of black hair – suitable for the school environment. This issue goes so much deeper than a short hair policy – it plays into the constant demonization black hair has endured in white spaces. Dreadlocks are a common style among black men yet, every so often we here of a Black man losing a job because of their hair. That culture starts in schools. It thrives when we as a society only acknowledge our differences on a superficial level; if we cannot acknowledge that different races and cultures approach hair differently then we will stay hung-up on this incorrect notion that ‘neat hair’ looks and feels one way – European in style and texture.

And if it does not seem like a big deal, let me simply ask, why is it normal for kids to be denied schooling because of their hair?