wake tf up and stop sleeping on denzel curry’s blistering new album ft. goldlink, jpegmafia

August 6, 2018
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AFROPUNK alumni Denzel Curry’s newest album ‘TA13OO’ is, in short, fantastic. Now complete with the release of the third and final installment of the project, part III goes just as hard as parts I and II. A second version of the rambunctious “The Blackest Balloon” ft. Twelve’len and Goldlink opens the last four tracks, a welcome reprisal before diving head first into the confrontational “Percs” before peaking on Curry’s JPEGMAFIA & ZillaKami collaboration, “Vengence”. And, true to form, the shit goes AWF! With the tightest of productions and an intoxicating celebration of trap music and bass. But most impressive is Curry’s growth as a lyricist since 2016’s ‘Imperial’. Always thrilling, ‘TA13OO’ takes on very dark themes of molestation and sexual abuse, paranoia, revenge, fear of loss to the most recent presidential election, the sacrifices of fame, and self-hatred. One of my favorites so far this year.