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voodoo rocker militia vox conjures a haunting, yet healing remedy for grief in her latest single, “ [ air ]”

August 22, 2018
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Industrial rocker Militia Vox has been cooking some new music this summer. The industrial rock goddess and AFROPUNK Brooklyn performer just released the video for her voodoo heavy jam, “[ AIR ]”. A darkly ambient industrial track about loss that will simply leave you breathless. “Recently, within the span of a month, I lost 5 people that truly effected my life. 3 of them were like family,” Militia Vox says. “Their loss has been mind-bending. While thankful to know them while they were alive and having spent formidable years with some of them… I’ve been hit with the slow, dull and rude reminder that there simply is never enough time. ”


Photo by Lou Roole