The War and Treaty

Healing Tide

Gospel | Soul

Strong World/Thirty Tigers


video premiere: be the change you want to see with roots rock band the war and treaty’s “healing tide”

August 8, 2018
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“Be the change you want to see.” It’s an old refrain but a powerful one, a reminder that the person you’re waiting for to come along and fix everything could be you. That’s the heart of the new single from husband and wife led roots rock band The War and Treaty, “Healing Tide.” With a gospel-inflected energy and infectious harmonies, the band asks a simple question: “What if I told you / you would be the one to bring round peace?”

“I sat in my recliner in my living room asking myself this same question over and over again after watching the news,” explains The War and Treaty’s Michael Trotter. “And my conscience in return asked me an even more important question.”

The band is all about uplift. From the feel-good message of the song, to the video’s simple narrative of a broke down car taking a couple somewhere unexpected. Titling the album and lead single Healing Tide is part of the band’s message of hope. “The reason why we haven’t found the quote unquote next is because we are looking for one man or woman when we should be looking for ourselves and challenging ourselves to work together to become the ones who will usher in the healing tide we need as the human race to move our past, present and future. That’s what this song, this music video, and this album is all about.”

Healing Tide is out August 10th. Pre-order it here: