Black Pantera

Punk Rock Nigga Roll

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Black Pantera


unleash your inner rebel with brazil’s black pantera

August 29, 2018
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Since their first singles, Brazilian metal trio Black Pantera has cemented themselves as one of the most vital heavy groups out there. With outspoken social criticism and fiery sound that bridges the gap between punk and metal, the short of it is: if you’re not listening to Black Pantera, why even bother having ears?
Their latest single is a blistering anthem of defiance destined to become an AFROPUNK staple. “Punk Rock Nigga Roll” was timed to release with their appearance at this weekend’s AFROPUNK fest in Brooklyn, and it’s the perfect encapsulation of what they do. It’s explosive, inventive, and it’s as much as a celebration as it is a call to rebel.