this uk store sells golliwogs, owners think calling them ‘jolly gollies’ makes it ok

August 7, 2018
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Some white folks in North Yorkshire, England are playing dumb and are selling golliwogs from the storefront window at The Village Store and Gift Centre. Either an attempt to bullshit us or themselves the store owners are calling the racist dolls ‘Jolly Gollies’…which…just further conjures imagery of subservient blacks content, even gracious about their subjugation. Little tar-faced playthings dressed and designed for your white amusement! The golliwogs are sold for all your racist needs: mugs, bottle openers, magnets, key-rings, pens, teapots and more.

While many locals were quick to call out the impropriety of The Village Store choosing to sell anti-black propaganda, others, like Darren Fenby-Potter, 47, from Hull, East Yorks, and father of six who thinks “they’re harmless, I don’t see anything wrong with it. My wife Claire used to collect them as a child on the jam pots. Everyone did. We grew up with them around the breakfast table – I’m not shocked to see them here.” Fix it Jesus.