Eric Berry


This photographer’s jaw-dropping portraits capture fragments of the souls of his subjects

August 14, 2018
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Photographer Eric Berry’s odyssey through Ethiopia unveiled a series of portraits so gripping and unrestrained, that one feels like they’re gazing at the souls of the subjects. The human element is so delicately captured, allowing a connection to these individuals that portrait photography rarely executes.

Still dreaming?

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“In Ethiopia, I was literally a kid living out a childhood dream. Having seen images of tribes in Nat Geo as a kid, and to be in the Omo Valley twenty plus years later capturing photographs of my own, that was a radical feeling. And let’s face, it’s the cradle of civilization, and walking around cities and towns where everyone looked like you was surreal.” – MÂCHÉ

Berry is an Los Angeles based portrait and travel photographer who traverses the globe, capturing anything that excites him with his earthy and cinematic flair. Follow Berry’s work on his Instagram and his website.


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The land of the rising sun.

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I did not want to take her picture. She was aggressive. Belligerent. Intoxicated. I focused my attention on a #Mursi boy with the face of a warrior, photographing him for an extended amount of time. In the background, I could hear her yelling at my guide, "Foto! Foto! Foto." So when he called for me to come and point my lens at his harasser, I acquiesced … if only for his sake. I thought I'd never publish this photograph because I wasn't mentally or spiritually invested in taking it. I guess I'm sharing it now because I've realized not all portraits should be of people we admire or even like; sometimes they are of people that confuse us. Individuals that are troubled, complex, dark. Those are the people, that like their enlightened opposites, stick with us long after our encounters with them.

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Writing with light and shadows.

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