theresa may scrambles, gaslights when asked why she considered nelson mandela a terrorist

August 30, 2018
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While Margaret Thatcher believed Nelson Mandela was a terrorist, what did the current Prime Minister Theresa May do at the time to be on the right side of history? As it turns out, nothing! While visiting the island where Mandela was kept as a prisoner, Prime Minster May’s record of supporting South African apartheid and condemning the historic, world-changing actions of Nelson Mandela came into question by a Channel 4 reporter. And when asked about this seeming contradiction in her policy beliefs, Prime Minster May opted to deflect and raise her voice to convey the marginal efforts that the United Kingdom played in fighting for the freedoms of all South Africans instead of owning up to the mistakes they made in the recent past to support white supremacy.
The hypocrisy was just embarrassing:



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