marie claire “discovers” silk press hairstyle, renames it ‘glass hair’

August 21, 2018
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Wow, congratulations are in order for Marie Claire magazine for recently “discovering” “glass hair”. Apparently, it’s all the rage and the simple process includes a precision haircut flat ironed out and laid with oil for a smooth, shiny finish. You know… a silk press?
A Hairstyling technique black folks have been using for a very long time, since the hot comb is apparently brand new to wypipo, according to Marie Claire who believes the history of “glass hair” started with a person named Kim Kardashian.
“Basically, it’s hair that looks like it was cut from glass (…) Glass hair has been slowly rippling through the Hollywood world all summer, though we’ve all been too distracted by the barrage of celebrity bobs to notice their accompanying glass-like texture.” Huh? lmao!