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James Baldwin’s eloquent words on injustice still ring true, watch his 10 best interventions

August 2, 2018
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Today, on what would have been James Baldwin’s 94th birthday, we are reminded, not only of the author’s literary brilliance but also of his wisdom. Baldwin’s ability to strip an issue to its core and simplify its implications for all to digest has resulted in his writing and his speeches still having the ability to ring true to this very day.

In honor of Baldwin’s immortal wisdom, here are 10 instances where he broke down issue still faced in modern-day America.

10. On historical white-washing of the African narrative.

9. On ‘Urban Renewal’ meaning ‘Negro removal’ (aka gentrification)

8. On true Equality

7. On why white people need the “N-word” to exist.

6. On Non-violence v.s Violence

5. On the Time-frame of Progress

4. On Love and Sexuality

3. On the possibility of Black president

2. On education in America

1. On systemic racism

Happy Birthday Mr. Baldwin. May your words and powerful mind live on…

Watch the trailer for ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ here.