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it’s not all in your head: trump is causing anxiety and self-care is very needed

August 20, 2018
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If you’re feeling a bit out of your mind these days—good news! It’s not just you. Shit is really hitting the fan and it’s affecting our levels of anxiety. Not to sound alarmist, but as Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston says America under the Trump administration is ‘Worse Than You Think’. From the corruption to the abuses of power and racism and alleged sexual abuse, the assault on those who are low-income and communities of color to the dismantling of public education and environmental protection. The socio-political shift happening in America is deeply disturbing and totally muddled.

The reality of Trump is not only felt through the daily gaslighting, manipulation, and muddling of reality, but through his policy, too. Opting to pull the rug from underneath Obamacare instead of fixing and optimizing it, even more Americans—including those with insurance—are now struggling to afford mental health treatment. The already weak and failing system now hangs on threads while social conflicts and economic inequalities are further being fueled by Trump’s greed and corruption. If the 2016 election was draining, the last two years have shown that the worst doesn’t seem to be over.

The good news, like I said, is that we’re not completely f*cked forever just yet. But most importantly we all need to vote this midterm. We’re in an all hands on deck situation and the people who control the checks and balances on this president matter. Find out if you’re registered to vote, find out where you’re able to vote and plan to vote.

Number two is to remember to take care of yourself and to take it seriously!!! You are very important and we need you. And you deserve to heal and protect yourself from the very real toxicity in an already screwed up America. “Healing is our birthright, and if we can’t claim it in times of unrest and chaos, when will we ever make the time?” And it is essential trans for those most vulnerable within the black community, like our sibs. Here you can find resources for black therapists, mindfulness techniques, wellness podcasts, and supportive safe-spaces for black and LGBTQ+ folks.

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