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‘insecure’ is like fine wine: better acting, mo’ sex, and sh*t got real

August 13, 2018
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Last night on HBO, Season 3 of Issa Rae’s hit show ‘Insecure’ premiered and it was better than ever. The writing is even wittier than before, so is the acting: more subtle, yet still very efficient and straight-forward.
True to form, Issa was on one with her usually messiness as she confronted Daniel and their, er, “housemate” situation. And Molly’s boundary-setting with Dro—her boo in an open marriage—comes to a head.

All of this after Molly and she witnessed two grown men brawling in the backseat of the Party Lyft over Capri Suns and blunts.
Issa has been demoted from her job due to her boss’ casual racism, she is struggling financially, professionally, and socially for that matter. Which is pretty damn relatable lol.
The premiere episode brought the laughs and joys of adulthood as well as the crushing loneliness, confusion, and BS. We’ll see what the infamous squad has in store for us, but by the look of it, it should be very entertaining.