five times maxine waters gathered bigots and delivered her lethal punchlines

August 16, 2018
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Beloved Congressional clapback Queen Maxine Waters just celebrated her 80th birthday (Aug 15th), gifting the world with 80 years of punchlines and a no-nonsense attitude that makes her everyone’s favorite Auntie.
For your listening and viewing pleasure, we’re commemorating 5 times the California Rep reclaimed her time and dragged her political adversaries for filth!

1. “Reclaiming My Time!”

When she infamously reclaimed her time against Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s answer-dodging about the Russia probe, gifting us all with the self-care motto we didn’t know we needed.

2.”The FBI director has no credibility.”

When she went “full Auntie” and gave reporters the “kids in grown folks business” treatment while still having time to shade former FBI director James Comey.

3.”I’m a strong Black woman!”

When she reminded Bill O’Reilly and the world that she is a strong woman who cannot be intimidated. The Queen also had time to come for O’Reilly’s credibility and remind women to keep standing up and speaking truth to power.

4.”I Don’t Respect Him.”

When she didn’t mince words about why she was not attending Trump’s inauguration. Ain’t nothing colder than an Auntie who comes with receipts when she’s telling you why she doesn’t like you.

5.”Bye Felicia!”

When she came for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s handling of the Russia probe while also encouraging Tillerson – who was rumored to have called Trump a ‘moron’ – to say it with his chest!

Watching Waters stand up to Putin’s personal pitbull reminds us of how Black women will put themselves in the line of fire when it comes to fighting for the greater good. We appreciate Auntie Maxine and we’re thankful that even after 80 years of dealing with this country, she’s still got the fire to come for and drag problematic politicians. A literal gift that keeps on giving.



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