black man wears ‘caucasians’ t-shirt to call out racist logos, white tears ensue

August 1, 2018
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Still one of the most clever satirical plays on racist double-standards in professional sports is the subversion of the racist imagery used as mascots by replacing them with white folks instead! The Washington “Redskins”? Nah, how ’bout the Washington Caucasians! A flipping of the script, if you will, to show white folks how it might feel to have their identities treated so flippantly. Only difference being that “Caucasians” isn’t a slur. Nevertheless, white folks found it distasteful to be the butt of the joke. So when Frederick Joseph walked the streets of NYC while wearing the shirt confrontations ensued. “I figured it would catch some by surprise but I didn’t expect people to be as trash as they were,” Joseph tweeted.

What’s the problem, white folks?


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