assh*les keep shooting up the emmett till memorial sign where his body was found

August 7, 2018
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The site where the disfigured body of Emmett Till was discovered is distinguished by historical markers just outside Glendora, Miss., a macabre trail of Till’s final moments installed by the Emmett Till Interpretive Center, a museum supported by Tallahatchie County in 2008. Now, for the third time, the River Site marker, identifying where Till’s body was found and removed from the river, has been shot up and defaced. This time, just 35 days after the second replacement sign was dedicated.
The site of pilgrimage for visitors, the marker has also drawn displays of racial aggression and intimidation. In just 2016, the second sign was riddled with bullet holes by unknown parties and in 2008, a year after the signs were proposed, the riverside marker was stolen. Thrown into the river much like the body of Till, it was never recovered.

“We didn’t deal with the root reasons in 1955. And we’re still having to deal with that,” Center co-founder Patrick Weems said. “The same systems that allowed these signs to be vandalized are the same systems that allowed Emmett Till to be murdered.”

The Till Interpretive Center is looking to replace the river marker with a sign made of reinforced metal. The second sign, pierced with a series of bullets, now sits on display at the Center.