aretha franklin’s song writing spoke volumes

August 16, 2018
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When DJ Pervis Spann crowned Aretha Franklin the ‘Queen of Soul’ in 1976, it was a mantle that she would come to define over and over during the course of her 60-year career. Franklin has blessed the world with the most iconic voice it will ever have the pleasure of listening to. The soulstress has established herself as a singing legend but her talents don’t stop at her ability to level a room with her vocals. The singer was a an amazing songwriter as well, gifting the world with some soul classics.

‘Rock Steady’, ‘Think’, and many more! Here are some of the timeless songs she has written or co-written:



Rock Steady


Dr. Feelgood (Love is a serious business)


Call Me


Franklin on her songwriting


Losing a legend isn’t easy but Franklin has given so much to the world through her talents that her presence and her gifts will ensure that her memory will never die. Listen to more of her self-written songs here.

Long live the Queen of Soul!