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afrofuturism abounds in this feminist south sudanese refugee’s grunge/rap video

August 8, 2018
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In the race for the First lady of Afrofuturistic grunge-rap, director, artist and rapper SinnGinn might as well be inaugurated already. The South Sudanese refugee just released a video for her latest single ‘FLOTUS’, that pays homage to melanin and melanin-rich Queens like (our) First Lady Michelle Obama and Rihanna. SinnGinn’s ethnic heritage consists of Nubian and Abyssian roots and the rapper emphasizes the significance of her roots in her work. “For me, the importance of paying respects to those who have paved the way is engrained in my cultures as deep as the tone of our skin and the power of our women.”

All I wanted to do out of this video is to show the beauty of melanin, the strength of women of all ages and races and to make some dope – ass grunge / rap music. Also to meet Michelle Obama and have some tea with her – I would cry and enjoy the tea all at the same time. I hope people vibe with it and look forward to making more content like this! I made “FLOTUS” as an homage to my hero Michelle Obama and all of the other black, female GOATS of our time and beforehand. – SinnGinn

Switching between a deserted drop-top in the desert, a cosmically lit lair and a convenience store, the video manages to highlight the Queendom of the melanated ladies within it, contrasted with the unimmpressive world they find themselves in. Relatable. The break in the middle as the out-of-this-world melanated Queens explore a convenience store is the ultimate show of “We cosmic. You basic. Get with it”.

Listen to FLOTUS below. I dare you not to mean mug.