this black farmer family harvests and sells raw honey

July 10, 2018
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When Summer and Kam moved their young family to Hunterdon County, New Jersey, the rural, densely pollinated air aggravated their youngest child Zach’s asthma and seasonal allergies. The couple researched and sought out natural remedies, ushering them into the world of raw honey, beekeeping and what would eventually turn into ‘Zach and Zoey Honey’, named after their two children.

Summer and Kam were wary of using medicine prescribed to children and preferred to use natural remedies whenever possible. Their search for natural remedies leads them to raw honey with its high reputation for preventing allergies. The philosophy behind the healing effects of raw honey is based on the concept of ‘immunotherapy’ where you expose the body to the thing it is allergic to in order to build an immunity to it.

Their new discovery had them buying so much raw honey that they were making friends with local beekeepers who would later become close friends and even mentors. Their newly acquired bee community eventually lead the family to buying their own bees and opening up shop for themselves. Zach and Zoe Honey was born.

Their new family business opened their eyes to the decreasing bee population, which is a problem for beekeepers (and America) because, “depending on who you believe, pollinators are responsible for nearly 1/3 of food eaten by Americans.” This family has joined the cause to preserve the honey bee with their own farm-to-shelf nutrition-packed goods that you can find on their website and at their new store in Chelsea Market in New York.


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