the age of the black hero is here to stay with this dope ass fantasy comic!

July 26, 2018
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All my Blerds stand up because this one is for yall! If you’re a lover of fantasy comics then you know that there is little to no meaningful Black representation in the genre. Comic book artist Rodney Anderson Jr noticed this as a lover classic fantasy stories like ‘Conan the Barbarian’, Beastmaster’, ‘He Man’, ‘Thundercats’ and many more. Anderson mentions that Black characters in fantasy comics are often relegated to stereotypical (often harmful) tropes like sidekick, witch doctors, villains and even slaves. In the true spirit of Black excellence, Anderson responded to this trend by creating his own fantasy comic called ‘SWORD SAGA’.

‘SWORD SAGA’ is the story of a Black warrior named Tal Granji that embarks on a journey filled with fierce beasts and intimidating warriors. He battles foe after foe while also trying to find the meaning behind the jewel embedded in his chest. Tal wields a badass sword called the ‘Trinidaji’, a weapon that can transform itself into three different blades that offer accuracy, speed and power respectively. With the help of the Trinidaji, he jumps headlong into danger, embarking on a journey that will change his life forever. Anderson adds that more representation is needed and Tal’s journey will contribute the normalization of having Black characters as heroes of their own narratives. “I feel SWORD SAGA can help further this cause and add to the tapestry of creator-owned black characters,” says Anderson.

If you’re as excited about this story as we are then check Anderson out and donate to the ‘SWORD SAGA’ kickstarter.