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sade is working on a new album and we’re not ready!

July 17, 2018
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When beloved songstress and hiatus queen Sade emerged from her infamous slumber to grace us mere mortals with a hauntingly beautiful song for the ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ soundtrack, we got excited at the prospect that this could mean solo music could be on the way. We weren’t disappointed.

Stuart Matthewman, a British musician and longtime collaborator of Sade spoke to Rated R&B in an exclusive, stating, “We’re working on a new album.” Needless to say, we are EXCITED! We don’t see much of Sade because she doesn’t seek the limelight and thus never feels the need to force the timeline on her creative process. Matthewman went further by mentioning that Sade and her creative team have worked on a few songs but will only release them once they’re satisfied with the final product.

“It might sound funny but we write and do music to please ourselves and just hope that [we] have good taste and other people will like it.” – Stuart Matthewman.

‘Flowers Of The Universe’ marks 8 years since Sade released ‘Soldier of Love’ (2010), which is not unusual for her considering there was an 8 year gap between ‘Love Deluxe’ (1992) and ‘Lovers Rock’ (2000), followed by a 10 year hiatus between ‘Lovers Rock’ and ‘Soldier of Love’.

Matthewman tells a funny, yet relevant story that perfectly sums up the expected time frame for Sade to drop new music. “Years ago, I think it was when ‘By Your Side,’ the song came out, and big posters were stuck around New York. Someone sprayed or wrote on top of it, ‘Bitch sings when she wants to.’ Sade loved it.” – RatedRnB

Listen to ‘Flowers Of The Universe’ below.