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racist comic book fans harass actress anna diop for playing orange alien starfire in ‘titans’

July 26, 2018
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Racist white fans of DC Universe’s Titans were up in arms over the casting of DC Comics character Starfire in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Titans and the fact that she will be played by a black woman.

The character os Starfire has canonically been portrayed as an orange-ish colored black alien from a galaxy far far away. Definitely not white (she’s an alien), but the bronze hues of her complexion make it easy to buy that Starfire is a woman of color. Which is why it makes so much sense to have her played by the gorgeous Anna Diop. But as per usual, some white fans believe that they have a mandate on “their’ superhero movies and the ways in which they MUST be portrayed. And, predictably, those portrayals should have nothing to do with non-white actors.

Now, after so much harassment, the Senegal-born Diop has joined the ranks of other actresses of color like Kelly-Marie Tran who have been harassed on social media to the point where she’s had to disable comments on Instagram just to remain sane.

rThis type of abuse and harassment must stop.