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afropunk solution sessions ep. 8: bus stop

July 25, 2018
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It’s no surprise that our education system isn’t doing the best job of educating Black youth. Too often, schools teach Black kids that they need to work harder and be better to make it, without meaningfully setting them up to deal with a racist society that has been designed for them to fail. In ‘Bus Stop,’ the eighth episode of the AFROPUNK SOLUTION SESSIONS podcast, Bridget and Yves speak with Matthew Kincaid about what we can to do fix set Black youth up for success.

We get into it:

  • Why teachers are ignoring the trauma of racism
  • How police killings impact Black youth
  • The incorrect assumption that Black kids don’t care about learning


  • Teach kids about race early.
  • Be realistic not idealistic when discussing racism with kids.
  • Demand that schools meaningfully address the issues Black children face.
  • Speak up for children.
  • Learn more about Matthew Kincaid’s Overcoming Racism

Featured in this episode:


Founder, Overcoming Racism

Matthew founded “Overcoming Racism,” realizing that problems facing black and brown kids in our education system are rooted in systemic racism, and not in the children themselves.