video premiere: curvy babes get the worship they deserve in nu-soul singer harleighblu’s body positive anthem

June 18, 2018
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A delicious, self-love-inspiring, body-positivity single, Nottingham funk-n-soul artist Harleighblu’s “Fluffy” is trance-inducing. An empowering ode to women of all sizes, the carnival-themed video is a deliberate celebration that chides beauty industry standards and fatphobia.
“I wanted to write a song that empowered women,” Harleighblu tells AFROPUNK. “Curvy, fluffy, beautiful women in all their glory. All sizes are beautiful but one size is definitely globally celebrated and the beauty industry is biased towards that size. My weight fluctuates, which is healthy and normal in my eyes. Sometimes I’m Fluffy, sometimes I’m a little slimmer depending! I think we should celebrate all sizes… and bigger women should be represented more in the beauty industry. This song is a romantic song about a man absolutely adoring his woman, celebrating and praising her and her curves. Telling her she is attractive, sexy and he more than loves her… just the way she is.”

“FLUFFY” Credits:
Produced By. Jay Lewn
Filmed and Edited By. Ty Healy

Photo courtesy of the artist