Cole Williams


Indie Rock



this punk-rock empress shows off her bluesy roots in summertime single

June 25, 2018
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Clear, sharp rasp of singer Cole William’s voice is a force to be reckoned with. Not because it’s especially loud or acrobatic, its the vulnerability and sincerity that comes through on her new single, “Free”. An indie-rock vibe heavy track that reminded me of road trips never taken. The New Orleans-based singer/songwriter/producer/composer’s eclectic ear shines through with her rootsy, blues-y melody and intoxicating down-to-Earth vibe.

“My song “Free” represents my truth and foresight. I dream vividly and these dreams always come true. This song is my message to all people and I need them to hear it and receive the vibrations. If you’ve ever felt stuck, cornered, boxed in, pushed aside, unloved, unappreciated, then it’s time to free yourself from those shackles and go deep. It took a lot of strength and knowing to leave everything in Brooklyn, literally everything. But I needed to do it to become free. I’m so free I don’t ever want to be in bondage again, and I won’t.”

Photo by Eli Merge