the igbo landing slave revolt is paid homage to in this ethereal and symbolic photo series

June 12, 2018
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Shot by our friend, Brazilian photographer Matheus Len’s from Salvador, Bahia, “Terra Igbo”, inspired by the acts of resistance made by the Igbo people during the Igbo Landing of 1803. During this time, the Igbos overtook a boat on which they were being transported and rammed it into a Georgia Island before jumping to drowned in the sea, preferring death to being enslaved. This editorial aims to portray a visual symbolism of their sacrifice and to a message to all of the African diaspora to break the chains of their mental enslavement.

Photographer: Matheus Len’s (@matheus.lenss)
Models: Hebert Carvalho (@hebertgoncalves), Ivan (@ivy_bad), Ashley Malia (@blogashismo)