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saul williams’ afrofuturist love story ‘martyrloserking’ gets film adaptation

June 20, 2018
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Neptune Frost by AFROPUNK veteran MartyrLoserKing aka Saul Williams is a visual love story between an intersex runway and a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born out of their union. An Afrofuturist sci-fi musical tale written and directed by Williams, Neptune Frost takes place in a village of recycled computer parts born on a hilltop in Burundi. An e-waste camp where the world’s most subversive hacking collective exposes the underbelly of the “gluttonous feast on natural resources” taking place by those in power. Led by MartyrLoserKing, the elusive African hacker, the team of “losers” and misfits use deep space to inspire the imagination of the most “connected” generation. The adaptation of Williams’ 2016 album ‘MartyrLoserKing’, this project is one of several components of the final imagined project, which will also include a graphic novel with illustrations byMorgan Sorne.

Learn more about Neptune Frost and how you can support and view the project, here.


Artwork by Morgan Sorne

Ronald Wimberly for MartyrLoserKing