premiere: reminisce about past love with hip-hop collective 2u4u’s hazy “gurl”

June 20, 2018

A mesh of hip-hop and old-school R&B, ‘GURL’ is a chillwave deeply lyrical groove by British collective 2U4U, compromised of Ranbir, cal, My Rugema. Inspired by the group’s love of jazz and featuring the melodious vocal stylings of newcomer Majella. Surprisingly only the second release from the multi-instrumentalist group, the Aaron Ahman-mixed, Ranbir-produced single is mesmerizing. “GURL encapsulates the 2U4U sound – melody meshed with the realness of hip-hop,” the group tells AFROPUNK. “Reminiscing over relationships is universally relatable and GURL is our take on those times.”

Photo by Daniela K Monteiro