Umi Copper


Alternative Soul

Black Acre Records


premiere: find the beauty in heartbreak with alt soul artist umi copper’s lush debut ep

June 15, 2018

“Yeah I know better / But I just can’t seem to do better”

Strings swirl around insistent drums, while Umi Copper’s haunting voice ripples through. His ambitious debut Requiem is heavy on atmosphere. Over its 4 tracks, Copper proves himself a passionate chronicler of heartbreak.
It’s an EP full of frustration and loss, with Copper looking hard into the mirror and not sure he likes what he sees. It’s no surprise then that the best songs on the EP are the ones where Copper does his worst. Both the title track and the stunning closer “Cure,” paint a picture of a man battling his demons and coming away scarred, but resilient. And those strings; it’s like a warm bath for your ears.

About the video for “Cure” directed by Miko Revereza, Copper tells AFROPUNK that it’s “a visual art piece depicting a self-mirrored distortion, against the beautiful yet visceral evolution of pure love ultimately becoming destructive.” Stream the full EP below.