Melanin comes through drippin’ in this photographer’s epic Black AF shots

June 11, 2018
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Melanin foes with everything, TBH, but there’s something so breathtaking about black skin set to picturesque natural settings, like the beach scenery in Zavier De’Angelo’s show-stopping pictures. The sensational photographer, who is of Haitian descent, undoubtedly has a way with models as his gorgeous photography captures not only physical beauty but the aura of his subjects.
De’Angelo says: “Several things inspire me. I’m intrigued by subjects that are not obviously beautiful. The human body – male and female is also inspirational. I’ve worked with models of all body types and sizes. I love imperfections: people, places, and things in their natural state.”
Check out some of our favorite photos by Zavier below and be sure to follow on Instagram to see more.