Denzel Himself


Hip-Hop | Punk

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indulge your punk sensibility with south london mc/producer mc denzel himself’s game-changing catalogue

June 22, 2018
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“I think about death every day.”


Over the past year, South London MC and producer Denzel Himself has released a string of singles and EPs that demand attention. The avowed punk cut his teeth on ‘Trash Talk’ and punctuates spaced-out beats with hardcore screams, filling in the margins with distorted guitars and bass. Songs like “Thrasher” and “State Ya Claim” showcase an inventive drive; Denzel Himself produces everything, well, himself. The results are tracks that are totally unique.

His latest EP, Baphomet James, is a more introspective affair. The beats are sparser, the verses stretch out. The standout cuts like “Navy” find the MC musing on mortality and the pressure of trying to make it in a world that stacks the decks against you. “Melty” pairs Denzel Himself up with KEYAH/BLU for a hazed out hookup ballad. Conflicted, unresolved, and totally unique. Like the best of Denzel Himself’s cuts, just when you think you’ve pinned him down, he changes the game.