mend your broken heart with indie soul artist mayaeni’s healing single “everything”

June 11, 2018
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Detroit-bred songbird Mayaeni’s latest single “Everything” is a heady cascading waterfall of indie-pop mixed with shimmering chords and R&B soul. A track of an introspective, self-exploratory nature, there’s a soothing quality to the singer-songwriter-producer’s search of self that’s both relatable and endearing. “‘Everything’ came from that hollow feeling you get in your heart when you have to be away from someone you love. When circumstances pull you in different directions yet you still wish you could be together Those long distance relationships where one person may have to change their life to fit into the other. There is a sense of fear & sadness in the song but it is also hopeful and slightly dreamy,” says Mayaeni.


Photo by Mayaeni