wypipo take naked pictures at slavery memorial in martinique. smh

May 2, 2018
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The slavery memorial at Anse Cafard in Diamant, Martinique, is a place of mourning and contemplation. Especially so for Black people descendant of slaves who make up the majority of the Caribbean island’s population. The impressive statues, created by local artist Laurent Valère, face a place where a slave ship sunk in 1830 with African slaves chained in it, unable to escape. It pays homage to these slaves who died, drowned in the ocean. The memorial also faces ‘Cap 110’ (Africa, Gulf of Guinea).
Relations between white French people who visit or move to Martinique, and the Black population are notoriously complicated given not only the History of slavery on the island, but also the consequences still affecting Black people economically and on a psychological level. For example, descendants of slave-owners still control entire sectors of the economy and play a critical role in the hardships due to overpriced products and produce in the island’s supermarkets.
Anyway, some white people thought it was a great idea to take naked pictures at the Anse Cafard slavery memorial, AND share them on social media for good measure. Martinique 1ère reports that the Mayor of Diamant is considering legal action, and the population is outraged at yet another sign of disrespect from colonizers. Artist Laurent Valère stated: “The memorial is tainted, stained and perverted, it is our identity that they hurt”.
Enough is enough.

More on the descendants of slave-owners and their shameless tactics in Martinique here, and in the video below: