white feminist releases raisin potato salad version of ‘this is america’

May 14, 2018
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Wypipo, again, it’s not a good idea to “cover” Black art to release unseasoned, bland versions of otherwise great songs. (ask Taylor Swift)
It’s even worse when you use a political song and turn it into a questionable plight for your cause.
Yet here we are with self-described “comedian, rapper” Nicole Arbour who though it was cool to turn Childish Gambino’s latest video ‘This Is America’ into a white feminist anthem.
Token Black woman and unseasoned tap dancing included.

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This is America: Women's Edit

This Is America: Womens Edit

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Saturday, May 12, 2018

But of course, she’s just “being funny” and dismisses Black people who let her know on social media that they are not amused. 🙄
– Words by Nounouche