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this photo series subverts toxic masculinity in favor of intimacy and vulnerability

May 4, 2018
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Black masculinity means many different things to many different people, but in Western society, stereotypes of what black men are supposed to be, behave, think, and feel stifle emotional development and isolate men in many unfair and damaging ways. Photo series’ like this one, shot by Beatriz Varella and featuring performers Rafael and Vitor—two dancers belonging to São Paulo performance group Trupe Benkady, which presents traditional energetic West African dance and pays homage to Mandingue culture, specifically. “Rafael and Vitor, where we sought [out] to express the balance between individuality, body energy, intensity, and love” and that they do. Visually conveying a powerful intimacy and closeness between two men, subverting stereotypes of black masculinity so naturally that they fade into the background completely.


Models: @rafarodriguesoficial and @arteiro_vitordjanela
Photo: @biavarella