Oye Diran


This photographer wows with Black women-centered vibrant photo series

May 15, 2018
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Regal, bold, expressive: photographer Oye Diran is a master of editorial beauty. Curating surrealist settings with the use of seamless backgrounds and ornate headpieces, each of Oye’s photos brings drama and glamour while highlighting and celebrating the natural beauty of his models. Though his work includes an array of subject matter, from maternity to avant-garde, and high fashion. See some of Diran’s lovely work, below, and follow him on Instagram.

Photographer/ Art Dir. @Oye_Diran Photography Assist. @passiondriven247 Model: @iammunirazul MUA and paint artist @sevenknows

Photographer / Art Dir. @Oye_Diran
Model @iammunirazulqa | photography Assist. @passiondriven247
MUA and paint artist @sevenknows

Photographer / Art Dir. @Oye_Diran
Photography Asst. @passiondriven247
Model @iammunirazulqa
Make Up / Paint artist @sevenknows
Asst. @sius_view

Portrait of the graceful @sirakanteofficial for my Gele Series. Mua/ Gele styling by the talented @juicylooks_mua Styled by the one and only @oliviamarieg_

Portrait of @_andreathomas_ from my Gele Series. Makeup and Gele Styling by @juicylooks_mua .

Photographer: @oye_diran Model: @ladivamillen Stylist @oliviamarieg_ MUA: @moshoodat Hair: @jycbeauty

Photographer / Art Dir. @Oye_Diran Model: @ladivamillen Styled by @oliviamarieg_ Mua @moshoodat Hair @jycbeauty

Model: @ladivamillen
Photographer: @oye_diran
Stylist: @oliviamarieg_
MUA: @moshoodat
Hair: @jycbeauty