the ego and narcissism are explored through fashion in this photo series and it’s 🔥

May 23, 2018
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Devilish, sultry, and sumptuous: a few of the words that describe Yannis Guibinga’s ‘Orei’ editorial. A visual exploration of the ego and narcissism in a society that values both. Through ostentatious dress, an extravagant swag, and a regal sense of entitlement, the model appears reminiscent to art history’s depictions of kings and queens. The vibrant blood-red fabric shrouds his body like a tribal African wrap. A subconsciously lustful and even sensuous series, to be sure.

“In this series, I was interested in visually representing what narcissism would look like and give it a human form and a story. While narcissism is something everyone experiences to a degree, it can ultimately become a problem in people’s lives or for society at large (many of the world leaders’ having caused the suffering of many because of their narcissism for instance).”

Subject / Christian Lohez (@christianlohez)
Photography / Yannis Davy Guibinga (@yannisdavy)
Makeup: Morgane Lanoy
Styling / Christian Lohez