‘september’ writer on taylor swift cover: “as lethargic as a drunk turtle dozing under a sunflower”

May 22, 2018
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Allee Willis, the co-writer of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic track “September”, said what we’ve all been thinking. During a recent performance, Willis addressed the way the Internet reacted to Taylor Swift’s cover of the song. Billboard reports that she told the crowd:

“Yes, I felt it was as lethargic as a drunk turtle dozing under a sunflower after ingesting a bottle of Valium, and I thought it had all the build of a one-story motel, but, I mean, the girl didn’t kill anybody. She didn’t run over your foot. She just cut a very calm and somewhat boring take of one of the peppiest, happiest, most popular songs in history”.

She also said “I didn’t really think she did a horrible job”, but given the quote above, we can safely say that she READ Swift for filth, and was just tryna be a bit diplomatic about it! hehe