premiere groove to blue lab beats acid-jazz cover of alba plano’s “out there”

May 10, 2018

A cutting display of acid jazz and the avant-garde, neo-soul artist Alba Plano’s “Out There ( Blue Lab Beats remix)” sounds like something my dad wishes he was cool enough to listen to. True to classic easy jazz and British funk-fusion, the airy track plays in nostalgic soundscapes embellished with smooth melodies. With the help of Blue Lab Beats reclaiming the track as their own, the remix is R&B-drenched and so utterly intoxicating, I dare you not to nod your head the whole way through.

“We had fun making this! It was great to be given such an opportunity and such creative freedom with the remix. We did what we do!! Electronics mixed with real playing… Keeping it soulful. Loved working on it!”