"Rock Star Shit"


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PREMIERE: Get on your ‘Rock Star Shit’ with the help of rocker duo SABATTA’s latest visual

May 31, 2018
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‘Rock Star Shit’ is the latest music video for rocker darlings Sabatta and it blows the roof down. Inspired by the need to destroy cliches surrounding what it means to be a rock star and lead the rocker lifestyle, as black punks Sabatta already stands on the fringes of a genre that’s technically ours. Shot in a D.I.Y. space near South East London, the raw grungy and grimy aesthetic is the perfect accompaniment to letting everyone know their brand of rock star shit ain’t for the faint-hearted.

“‘Rock Star Shit’ is about breaking down the cliches associated with the rock star lifestyle and the mythology that’s grown up around it,” vocalist and guitarist Yinka Oyewole tells AFROPUNK. “The public loves living vicariously through ‘stars’, seeing them crash and burn, but for most musicians, the reality of trying to survive is far different. Even if you make it there’s a price to pay. The idea came to me when I was having a ‘debate’ with a promoter (who we’re cool with BTW) about our slot on an all dayer and there was some discrepancy over the stage times. He said to me “Oh, that’s that Rock Star Shit!” like we were demanding a massive entourage or to only be served yellow M&Ms.”

Photo by Eric Mouroux
Photo by Eric Mouroux