premiere: dive into james bambu’s alt-r&b paradise, “del sol”

May 25, 2018
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James Bambu’s ‘DEL SOL’ is a must-hear for anyone in need of a healing journey into their own subconscious. From the jump, DEL SOL reminded me of literary works like Heart of Darkness, not because of its subject matter, but because of the deeply exploratory themes that radiate throughout the album’s varied musical stylings. A little bossa nova, a little jazz, R&B, tropical melodies and afro-beats, ‘DEL SOL’ is a sun-soaked oasis in a desert of forgettable music. Every track peels back another layer, creating a truly stunning glimpse into Bambu’s authentic self and the listeners.

Bambu tells AFROPUNK: “I’m a very private person, and when I started working on DEL SOL my life began to change for the better. With this, I felt the need to welcome people into my personal world through my music. It was always a goal of mine to use my music as a tool to speak to the Soul, but this project [for me] was about expressiveness, and being honest and open in doing so. I wanted to use DEL SOL to show that there’s no barrier to creativity in any field, and that as a young Black man, expressing one’s self organically is not a dying art.”
Stream the EP below!

Photo by Mr. Iozo @mr._iozo
Photo by Nico Kartel @NicoKartel

PRODUCERS: Herrick & Hooley (full project), Flwr Chyld (Succulent only)
Cover Art & Tracklist: (photos) Mr. Iozo, (design) Anne Heilner, JoyPop Magazine