"A student's dream" oil on canvas, 68 x 80, 2017


Artist documents his recovery from trauma and brain surgery with haunting exhibit

May 30, 2018
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Rising painter Mario Moore’s latest solo exhibition, “Recovery”, is a thought-provoking study of an emotional walkthrough of his recent journey back to health after undergoing an awake neurological surgery. Taking place in the artist’s hometown of Detroit, at David Klein Gallery on June 30, the stirring show features works of silverpoint drawings, large-scale oil paintings on canvas and copper, and video to explore themes surrounding the treatment of black male bodies in America, in art and medicine.

“I think it was a matter of what I was recovering from,” Mario Moore tells AFROPUNK. “Not just from brain surgery but the psychological effect of watching and reading about the constant killings of Black men at the hands of police officers. I started the series of works before I knew that I needed surgery.

While recovering from the surgery I had no choice but to rest. I had to allow my body and my mind the time it needed. When I was able to move around more consistently without feeling dizzy I started a large drawing. The work I made helped me to consider what had just happened to me and as I continued to recover I continued to allow that to direct my work.”

“A student’s dream” oil on canvas, 68 x 80, 2017

Mario Moore – Can’t the New Negro Relax

To Toria Turner by Mario Moore – Courtesy of David Klein Gallery

The exhibition will be on view until August 11, 2018.