The White Genocide hoax in South Africa – stop the madness

April 2, 2018
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By Thabi Myeni*, AFROPUNK contributor

Contrary to white popular belief, there is no such thing as white genocide in South Africa.

The white genocide myth started making waves in 2014. Four years later, we\’re still talking about this lie because South African white supremacists are now fueling it with the help of racist pundits from ultra white imperialist countries and Fox News.

I imagine the hoax acheived its goal as early as 2015 when it became one of Dylann Roof’s motivations for brutally killing nine black people in a Charleston church. In his manifesto “The Last Rhodesian”, Dylann Roof paid homage to South African white supremacists by referencing the imaginery genocide of white people happening here. He also praised apartheid as evidence that a black majority can be controlled by a white minority.

The fact that black people in South Africa continue to be the subject of necropolitics, dispossession and systemic racial oppression for almost 400 years now without frantic global media coverage and all it took was for white people to sign a petition based on a lie for Fox News to come running, speaks volumes about the kind of people who have the power to control the media narrative and standardized outrage.

South Africa remains a deeply unequal-racial society. According to recent statistics, indegenous people own less than 4% of agricultural land and as much as 73.3% is in the hands of the white minority. Which brings us to another reason why the beneficiaries of colonisation would lie about something so henious, black people are organising themselves to take back their land. Grassroots movements like the Black First Land First (BLF) that are lobbying for indigenous people to take back what is rightfully theirs, have inspired mass resistance against white hegemony. Calls for reparations are mounting, black people are organizing themselves to pursue justice and making serious strides towards their liberation.

The worst part of this hoax is that most statistics that these white \”civil societies\” put out about white genocide have been debunked at every intersection, there’s not a single definitive statistical report that would lead any sane person to conclude that South Africa’s white race is systematically and deliberately being killed.

Crime is rampant in South Africa, which should shock no one because our Constitution (the cornerstone of our so-called democracy) itself doesn\’t seek to correct the most violent crimes this country has ever seen – white capitalism and dispossession. Where the black majority has been disenfranchised and economically excluded.

The most important take away is that crime affects everyone and if anything, white people are less affected by it because a large majority of white South Africans live in gated communities and have the luxury of security. Most violent crimes tend to happen in underdeveloped areas called townships and it just so happens that those areas are occupied by black people who were forcefully removed from their homes and packed into there like sardines after being dispossessed of land.

Furthermore, if anyone should complain about farm murders, it is the millions of indegenous people whose ancestors were slaughtered on the same farms that white people now occupy \”for generations\” today.

Let’s close the chapter on this, genocide is when a large group of people of a specific ethnicity or nation are deliberately murdered in an attempt to erase that group’s existence. Is this happening to white people in South Africa? No? Well then, end of story.

* Thabi Myeni is a student activist and aspiring writer

Fox news latching on to statistics that were debunked by Africa Check: [http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/03/24/south-africa-accused-covering-up-grisly-murder-spree.html]. They also recently did a segment on supposed ‘white genocide’ here and I’m not sure how to find it.
On the Black First Land First (BLF) [https://blackopinion.co.za/tag/black-first-land-first/]