where is the waffle house boycott for the black woman choked by police?

April 24, 2018
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As of late, the news when it comes to Waffle House has been… disappointing, shall we say? It’s been the location for Sunday’s most recent public shooting, but also the site where black women have been and continue to be brutalized. In addition to what took place in Nashville, a black woman in Alabama was captured on video being abused by police officers inside a Waffle House. During the violent exchange (seen below) white cops choked and body slammed Chikesia Clemons, 25, during an arrest. White officers tackled and arrested Clemons over an alleged dispute about plastic cutlery… Exposing her breast at some point during the altercation, the local police claim that their treatment of Clemons was “appropriate”.

So the question is, where is the hurt and outrage over black women? We rally so hard around black men when they are the targets of racism, so much so that many of us Black people were willing to boycott Starbucks over it. Starbucks did some damage control and seems willing to take small but significant steps to change its culture because of how black men were mistreated at their locations. On the other hand, Waffle House backs the police.
We were quick to uplift the Black men arrested at Starbucks, let’s make sure we support Black women too.