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What if another country bombed the U.S. for killing and poisoning Black people?

April 16, 2018
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The U.S., being the hypocrite that it is, is engaging in a sustained bombing campaign in Syria for President Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his people. Begging the question: what would (white) America do, how would they feel if other countries began bombing our country for the ways Black people are treated?
It’s a fever dream to imagine the end of global anti-blackness, but let’s pretend.
The shootings and killings of Black people existing in public spaces (or in their own backyards) or exercising their 2nd amendment right, and the impunity that ensues, show that America has a history of terrorizing its citizens into submission. US police kills Black people at disproportionate rates.
The U.S. has been creative in this approach, and though chemical weapons aren’t used to as a tool of violence, mass incarceration (aka The New Jim Crow), prison labor, and racist policing surely are.
Not to mention the lead poisoning in Flint, MI., via the toxic water and corroded pipe systems, a problem that has left the children of Flint with lead in their bloodstreams.
Actually, one could argue that introducing crack in Black neighborhoods IS an act of chemical warfare.

For Black Americans, Americans of color, and the poor, the abusive policies don’t stop there, we haven’t even considered the effects of crushing capitalism. In the Age of Trump and Paul Ryan, as money is stripped out of the social safety net, more and more Americans are having to choose between their overall wellness and having dinner that night. With huge budget cuts to programs that help the poor, America continues to perpetuate the normalization of poor and unwell citizens having to face sickness and death on their own.
However, be it under Democratic or Republican governance, Black people have been at an economic disadvantage.
As the Washington Post reports, “White families have nearly 10 times the net worth of black families. And the gap is growing.”
And we know the social, physical and mental health problems that come with poverty. They are added to the health disparities affecting Black Americans.
America stays killing its own people, who are we to drop bombs on other countries for doing the same?