‘vulnerability’ guides soul singer tunde olaniran through self-reflection in latest single

April 6, 2018

To be vulnerable, is to be open- and no one knows this better than singer-songwriter Tunde Olaniran as he opens himself up to audiences everywhere with the release of his latest track “Vulnerable”.

Accompanying the announcement of his second full length project Stranger– set to release this Summer- Olaniran is securing and solidifying his place in an ever-growing industry. Riding the wave of his magically experimentally 2015 debut album Transgressor– in which he proved to be as multifaceted as he is musically in tune- the Michigan-based creative is back on the scene with his latest offering.

With the track alone being a cacophonous fusion of techno and soul, “Vulnerable” is a stripped down view of the inner workings of a mind in yearning. A true ode to self-love and reciprocated energy, the track goes the distance as it  invites listeners into an untapped vulnerability in themselves.

Tunde Olaniran, quite frankly, snapped with this track, and we can’t wait to receive all that Stranger has to offer, keep a look out for the upcoming full-length and check out the latest “Vulnerable” below!