this graphic novel puts women at the forefront of a slave revolt at its peak

April 13, 2018
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Reparations are DUEEEE, this is a known fact- but what a lot of people don’t know is that we don’t have to wait for NO white person to give us what’s ours…we can gift it to ourselves, and this starts with recovering our own  stories.

Thanks to the work of Activist and Historian Rebecca Hall the act of preservation and recovery takes an artistically matriarchal spin as she takes her PhD knowledge on Women’s significance in slave revolts, and turns it into a full-on graphic novel titled Wake: The Hidden History of Women-led Slave Revolts.

The granddaughter of slaves herself, Hall is going the extra mile in reiterating how powerful the female is, and have always been; aiming to tell an ongoing story of insurgency and the amplification of those narratives untold. With a dynamic, personable, and aesthetically riveting interpretation of slave life- this upcoming graphic novel is changing the game in terms of historical fiction, playing with the bounds of genre and fact while informing of a force often looked besides in token recognition: The Black Revoltress.

Gathering funds with a current Kickstarter campaign, this project is a community effort, telling a community story.

Don’t let these stories go untold, do your part in telling them instead, and make sure to check out Rebecca Halls latest graphic novel in the works.

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