This Black woman developer’s video games include POC, LGBTQ+, childhood trauma, neuro a-typical narratives

April 27, 2018
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In this digital age, and the more technology expands, the more entertainment expands to meet it- and so far: Video games have taken over.

We’re constantly hearing complaints about the violence of widespread video games, and the detrimental messages and conditionings the participants are exposed to- but now, thanks to a new system created by Phazero, video games can be both fun and culturally relevant; broadening to reach audiences of all backgrounds.

The LA-based game designer is breaking script left and right as she has set out to create a well-rounded, inclusive player experience- adding a more conscious alternative in this ever-growing gamer-nation.

Subtly working in themes of POC narrative, childhood trauma, LGBTQ experiences, and politics, Phazeros work will prove to be more than entertainment, as her influence will touch psyches in a way foreign to mainstream media.

With these revolutionary concepts “embedded in gameplay”, a new type of gamer is born- hopefully allowing them to recognize these themes beyond the screen as well. More of this please!

Check out some of Phazero’s hyper-detailed, hyper-conscious work below.