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‘The real Aunt Viv’ has a Black AF animated musical on the way

April 26, 2018

Okay, we all know that there is only one true Aunt Viv and that woman is Ms. Janet Hubert. A world-class actor, dancer, and now author! Teaming up with Vincent Spencer, Janet’s newest project is ‘JG and The BC Kids’, an animated musical about an inclusive group of adventurers and the dinosaurs they encounter. A parody passion project that allows Janet, as she puts it, to explore all of her personalities as an actress, brings to life a bevy of fictional characters to encourage, inspire, and build confidence in children with a diversity of backgrounds through storytelling that incorporates history, archeology, dinosaurs, and exploration.

“JG is on a mission to save the minds of children everywhere, by disarming the MACK lll high top sneaker. After being trapped by the evil Rupert Warlock inside the fractal equation that [JG] herself created… time is at hand.

She is way cool… her dreads do amazing things too!”

Sounds dope! Hear more about Janet and Vincent’s project included her impassioned plea to support more black-owned projects, below, and learn more about supporting the project, here.